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Measure and Monitor the Performance of Your Surgical Instrument Inventory

Surgical Instrument Performance and Safety

Report and document non-conforming surgical instruments provided for clinical use, by those who know best.

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Embed Feedback Pitstop into your risk and corporate governance framework, identify and remove known and reoccurring risk factors and apply patient safeguards. 

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Analyse data, review performance, and adjust policy settings using a powerful admin panel only accessible by your authorised personnel.

Who We Are

Dedicated people providing technology based healthcare solutions


Feedback Pitstop is a comprehensive Surgical Instrument Inventory Management Plan. Our knowledge base has been built from of more than 30 years of R&D in consultation with surgeons, hospital staff, and executive management. 

Feedback Pitstop is designed to incorporate executive management and Corporate management structures into the decision making processes to control the safety and performance of the surgical instrument inventory. 

Feedback Pitstop has evolved over many years on the back of questions like:

  • How do you measure and benchmark surgical instrument inventory performance?
  • What if there are no manufacturer's instructions?
  • Can this be done without individual identification?
  • How can you stop unsafe surgical instruments entering an operating theatre for patient use?
  • How can surgeons operate to the best of their ability if the surgical instruments have not been routinely performance and safety tested?


Utilising surgical procedures to test instrument function and performance is not only disruptive but has failed to provide the necessary safeguards for patient safety and optimum surgeon performance. 


We needed another way!

  • How to monitor the performance of all surgical instrument inventories without the need for individual identification.
  • Identify and treat all known and recurring risks and control them outside of an operating theatre. 
  • New technology solving long term problems - Feedback Pitstop.

With Ownership comes Responsibility

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So what's the plan?

  • Are surgeon's requirements being met?
  • Is patient safety and welfare being considered?
  • Are there adequate safeguards to limit the supply of poorly maintained equipment for clinical use?
  • Are surgical outcomes and procedural times being affected through constant disruption?

These questions are for those who manage the business of healthcare.

There is only one group of people that are ultimately responsible for the quality of services hospitals provide and that is the owners and operators.

The source and quality of information provided for corporate governance oversight is vital to ensure the business of healthcare fully understands how each sector operates. It's not about opinions but about evidence.



A Matter of Corporate Governance

The mandatory responcibility to provide a Duty of Care

In the absence of industry direction in the form of,

  • Post Market Regulation,
  • ISO standards,
  • Peek Industry bodies,
  • Policy rules and guidelines,
  • Accreditation oversight,

a common belief is that hospitals and staff can act with impunity to determine policy and processes based on personal opinions.

It is the mandatory responcibility for owners and operators of healthcare facilities to establish a Surgical Instrument Risk Management  and Mitigation Framework for their hospitals.

Surgical Instrument inventory management is a unique sector  within the business of healthcare and can only be measured and managed through reliable data sources.

Surgeons are the experts. They are the only qualified source from which to collect data and analyse the performance of every surgical instrument inventory. 



Why Feedback Pitstop?

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Because Mediocrity is Unacceptable

Your Surgical Instrument Inventory requires a Management Plan to ensure all equipment is meeting the professional requirements of all surgeons. Every instrument placed into a surgeons hand must be safe for patient use, consistent, reliable, and predicable so each surgeon can perform with precision and accuracy. 

Feedback Pitstop is an analytical tool to identify, document, and action equipment that is provided unfit for clinical use. It will consistently highlight inventory performance variations and allow direct targeted funding to priority areas. This will ensure funding is distributed on a needs basis according to risk treatment requirements and therefore eliminate the current poorly targeted scattergun approach. 

Feedback Pitstop will seamlessly embed into your Risk and Clinical Governance Framework and act as your most reliable source of data, as it is designed to be sourced from the surgeons themselves during each surgical procedure.

How Does it Work?

Collect Feedback

Feedback Pitstop allows surgeons to rate an overall satisfaction level with all surgical instruments provided for each surgical procedure.  Surgeons can also pass comment on individual instruments within each set by populating a form which includes text fields, drop-down menus and the ability to upload images and videos.

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Review Statistics

Authorised hospital personnel will be able to view statistical KPI's on satisfaction rates as well as operations where individual instruments have failed to meet the surgeons requirements. This will ensure all hospitals understand their performance obligations and operate within the enterprises benchmarking limits.

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Identify and Treat High Risk Areas

Target expenditure according to need

Only a surgeon knows what they require. Compare all specialties. Target areas and surgeons in most need. Identify problems and apply solutions. What areas require funding? Plan ahead, know what costs are in the pipeline, budget accordingly. Reduce off budget expenditure.

Know Your Risks - Measure your Risks - Manage your Risks

"Safeguards" are preventative measures to ensure known and reoccurring risks do not continue unabated. Safeguards form the major part of owners and operators corporate risk management treatment plan to meet community Duty of Care obligations.

Poorly maintained equipment suppled for clinical use will not only diminish a surgeons performance but directly impact on surgical outcomes, procedural efficiency, and patient safety.  

Feedback Pitstop is process management software enabling "safeguards" to be implemented, monitored, and benchmarked throughout the enterprise in a uniform manner.

Surgical instrument ownership carries significant risks at both a clinical and enterprise level. Feedback Pitstop will provide a corporate governance benchmarking platform and allow "real time" corporate management oversight throughout the enterprise. 


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Delegation of Corporate Governance Matters is not a Plan but a Failure in Governance